James Oesi


23.01.2017          De Nachtzoen!

To begin 2017 I was featured on a Dutch television programme called “De Nachtzoen” (The goodnight kiss). The programme which is on every night, features a short interview with a guest who ends their interview by putting the audience to sleep, either with a story or, in my case, a performance! It can be watched back here!

22.01.2017          Stichting Eigen Muziekinstrument

2016 ended with a lot of things to be thankful all, not least of all my new bow by Jürgen Krussig! Whilst visiting Gerold Genssler in Berlin for a new set of gut core strings for my double bass, I discovered this fabulous bow! Through the support of Stichting Eigen Muziekinstrument, I was able to purchase the bow and have been happily playing with it since! The foundation is a wonderful asset to the cultural landscape of the Netherlands as it helps and has helped so many young musicians acquire instruments that they need to further their careers but do not yet have the resources to purchase.


20.01.2017          Lessons with Gary Karr!

Last week I returned to Amsterdam from a trip to Las Vegas, a place I never thought I would visit, yet had the enormous privilege and honour to travel to for an intense and incredible week of lessons with none other than Gary Karr! My trip was in many ways a dream come true, made possible not only due to a generous scholarship awarded by the Sophie Booy-Barones van Randwijck fonds but by the fact that the person to whom the scholarship was awarded – my wonderful pianist, Andrea Vasi, decided to use it to fund a trip for the both of us to get coaching from Gary Karr and his pianist, Harmon Lewis, the only other living double bass and piano duo who have enjoyed the kind of career that Andrea and I both aspire to and are working towards! I was lucky to be invited back to Amsterdam fm last week, to discuss the experience and play a little bit, the fragment can be found here! (my interview begins around the 28 minute mark!)


18.11.2016          Vrije Geluiden!

Last month I got the opportunity to appear on VPRO’s Vrije Geluiden – a television show in the Netherlands dedicated to discovering and broadcasting all kinds of non-mainstream music.
I am of course delighted that I was asked onto the show and am very happy to be able to share two clips of my performance!

08.11.2016          Review concert De Link Tilburg

Read a very nice review of our concert on Tuesday November 1 at De Link Tilburg (in Dutch)!