James Oesi


04.08.2020          Music + Science in the media

There’s been quite a lot of interest from the media in the research with neuroscientist and former olympic speed-skater Beorn Nijenhuis together with sports psychologist Jet Steen into how a professional musician can best use their time in the practise room.

Be sure to read a lovely interview with Sandra Kooke, with delightful photography by Maartje Geels in Dutch national newspaper Trouw. Also Reformatorisch Dagblad quoted this article.

Another article, by Rahul Gandolohage and photographer Roger Cremers has also appeared in in the other national paper, NRC.

In addition, Beorn and I were also interviewed by NPO Radio 1 for their program ‘De Nieuws BV‘ at the beginning of the week – I also got to play a bit of Bach!

Also listen to the interview with Beorn and me and my short performance at the NPO Radio 4 programme ‘Podium‘.

And last, but not least, Beorn and I were interviewed on Dutch current tv programme Op1, and I played a bit of Bach.