James Oesi


01.02.2019          6 month practise project

Starting this coming Monday, my exciting new project in which neuroscientist and former Olympic athlete Beorn Nijenhuis will be tracking my practise time and using my biofeedback data to continually adjust my schedule will begin!
What should I do when it’s the end of the day, I’m super tired but I HAVE to practise? Why does the feeling of being unprepared not seem to always correlate terribly well with actually being unprepared? Why does it sometimes feel like 20 minutes of practise can produce better results than 2 hours can? When i have the luxury of a whole day free to practise, what is really the optimal way of setting that day up so that I get the best out of my time spent with my instrument but don’t feel so exhausted that the next day has to be spent doing nothing or in a constant state of fatigue? I’m so hoping to have at least some answers to these questions at the end of this six month period in which I will be working closely with Beorn and tracking my practise and schedule in its minutiae: equal parts terribly frightening and terribly exciting.
I got the chance to announce the project this morning on De Ochtend van 4 on NPO Radio 4 (listen back in this link) and this whole adventure would not be possible without the support of the Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, Marti Keuning Eckhardt Stichting, Stichting SEC and the Olland Buisman Stichting!